RIFF JTAG – Samsung T749, Samsung E189 Unbrick – Boot repair supported

The Samsung T749 board is auto powered on with USB Data Cable connected to the PC. Battery presence is not required; connection can be established with detached board. To resurrect Samsung T749: Solder JTAG cable to Samsung T749 JTAG pads; Connect USB cable; Make sure Samsung T749

Infninty BEST update 1.24 added Sl3 Rapido HASH USB reading RD Key & SD Repair

- USB flashing improved - Loaders updated to 11.24 version - Cold Flash for RAPIDO improved Full Erase/RPL restore improved for RAPIDO - Added Restore RPL (from backup) option if RPL not selected On Write RPL – BEST ask for AutoSearch - Improved Key Reading for RAPIDO phone by USB - SL3 phones supported for now with “new hashes” - Allow Unlock,Upload Logs

SETOoL v1.1094

- finally sorted all issues with samsung cid26 emp-based phones. - added x10i,x10a,so-01b unlock using alternative security bypass. check FAQ post for all details. during promo period, cost is 0 ( zero ) credits. Promo period can be extended to forever. - support area can only be access from now on by using setool2 >= v1.1094 - fixed many

Mcnpro box ChinaRes Editor 1.25

Modify Excel convert to dict function MTK font detection method Improved (In beta) Modify MTK font import function to more stable MTK new CPU supported Other small report bugs fixed

Update SRS Unlock Platform

Update SRS Unlock Platform SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1) - Read Codes on all known Qcom Androids and WM7 Phones - Read E2P on GT-E1153, GT-E1172 Read Codes - Direct Unlock F480i and F488i via Uart cable - Added more models for Sysinfo Code Reading over USB - Fixed several small bugs - Improved Trident phones unlock speed SRS Imei Module: (Pack2) - Add Alcatel
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