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spesifikasi Nexian NX-G801 XL, Messenger Phone WiFi

spesifikasi Nexian NX-G801 XL, Messenger Phone WiFi


Nexian works together with XL, announced the messenger phone, Nexian NX-G801. The QWERTY phone designed like Blackberry also provides a messenger feature, a feature just like BBM (Blackberry Messenger) feature owned by Blackberry. To use the messenger, Nexian NX-G801 is completed with PIN and must use XL SIM Card with cost 500 rupiah per day. For navigation, NX-G801 equipped with trackball and to play a music can use music player. Beside that, dual SIM Card GSM-GMS Nexian NX-G801, that cost about 999,000 rupiah also support push mail and upload photo.

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