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android gingerbread features

How to android gingerbread features
This time theĀ  better than before his due .. google improve the system security more cangkih again
And the addition of new features make it OK, I own here using Google nexus One and already Updrade to android gingerbread
Indeed there is nothing new about theĀ  on my device but I have not studied until the details but do not worry about it later I will definitely update here
What is clear from the terms of many new features been added, and Batrei even more frugal than before it was in my opinion
To you who have not been doing his android device update please do the update because I feel more stable than Froyo

android gingerbread features

visible features is the addition of the keyboard and display new images are quite interesting and very okay for at enjoy
There are also perbuhan on the player labor-saving features, more ram and the ability to auto update on android market and android app developer in the browser even faster seems to have in intergrasikan with Croom really feels so much faster when doing brosing on the internet and game for android
nah this glimpse of the android gingerbread ceita features if your friends are interested please feel free to try now and upgrade of the software features you android gingerbread


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