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Tutorial flashing Nokia ODM with CCS MXKEY

Tutorial flashing Nokia ODM with CCS MXKEY
Open software MXKEY
1. Click on Connect
2. CCS Select Tool
3. select type mobile phone
Ensure that full or better batrey just use disposable power supply so that the flashing process was stable and did not think running out of power.
The position of the mobile phone is now simultaneously press * 5 on and coupled to the step (4)
to enter download mode
4. Click Emergncy mode
This is where the most difficult step and requires patience.
If it fails to do repeatedly enter download mode until successfully pull the plug batrey press again * 5 on coupled click Emergency mode.
If successful it will appear in the software MXKEY is connected properly noticed
5. Click CBB to enter the firmware bundle
6. put checks on the Force RX queue (if not in check the flashing process will stop in the middle of the road / dashed)
7. Finally, press Flash to initiate full flashing.
finally finish