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Internal Part Galaxy Tab 10.1

Internal Part Galaxy Tab 10.1
Has tri-wing external screws.
The back cover bends easily and feels flimsy.
The back cover is held in place with very strong adhesive tape. I worried about breaking the cover when removing it.
The battery is replaceable.
It has a clean, efficient internal layout.
Samsung used chips found in other tablets, such as the following:
1GB Samsung LPDDR2 chip (same as HP TouchPad)
16GB SanDisk NAND flash chip (same as Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0)
Atmel touchscreen controller (same type as Motorola XOOM)
Invensense three-axis gyroscope (same as BlackBerry PlayBook)
Wolfson CODEC (same as BlackBerry PlayBook)
Samsung LCD driver (same as Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0) <body><a href="">Click here to go to</a>.</body>